Founded :2018

Category :Smart Building IoT-Enabler

Funding :pre-Series A

Link :https://www.swiftdynamics.co.th

Swift Dynamic

Swift Dynamic is one of the most innovation products & services companies in Thailand. We are the market leader in the fields of IoT for Smart City, Construction Management Platform, and Facility Management Platform in Thailand. It was founded in 2018. Swift Dynamic owns an innovative technology related to IoT, AI, Machine Learning, Indoor tracking, etc. in the above area. We are not a software company or manufacturer, but we are an end-to-end solution provider. We help our clients strive for the next level of success and have more than 100 clients in Thailand and overseas.

Their two main products include:

• Sitearound - Digitizing Construction Business with E2E Software Solution

• Sentenance - Enhancing Facility Management with IoT-Enabled Solution

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