Founded in 2012, InVent is a corporate venture capital arm of Intouch Holdings PLC (SET: INTUCH), a Thailand-based asset management company in telecom, media, IT and digital content. InVent focuses on strategic investments in early to growth-stage technology companies in Thailand and Southeast Asia, regardless of sector from marketplace, enabler platform and financial technology to education, digital content and internet of things.

With alliance partners across Asia Pacific region, InVent is committed to working closely with the founders and leveraging its resources of expertises, infrastructure and network to help them access to markets and scale the commercialization of their products. A pioneer investor since the starting days of the tech startup ecosystem in Thailand, InVent has an annual fund size of $7 million.

InVent Value Proposition

Local Reach

We has unmatched access to Thai consumers with over 40 million mobile subscribers, providing a significant advantage in marketing and distribution for technology products.

Regional Network

We have the capability to leverage our local and regional alliance partners to help companies explore and expand to new industries or overseas market across Asia Pacific.

Hands-on Support

We believe no one better understands the tech industry than the tech people. Our team are not deal makers - we are executors who don't hesitate to roll up sleeves and make meaningful things happen.

Investment Policy

  • Areas of interest:

    TMT - Technology, Media & Telecommunications

  • Geography:

    Thailand and Southeast Asia

  • Company stage:

    Early (revenue) to growth-stage

  • Investment size:


  • Investment criteria:

    • Potential (e.g., market, growth capacity, exit strategy)

    • Feasibility (e.g., product, business model, competitive advantage, traction)

    • Team (e.g., domain expertise, diversity)

    • Synergy (e.g., value to the group's portfolio)

Investment Process

InVent operates on a 6-step process from deal sourcing until closing as follows. Processing time varies depending on the complication of the due diligence and agreements negotiation, but typically it takes two to three months to reach the term sheet in step 3 before the final due diligence and definitive agreements preparation.

Due Diligence
Term Sheet
Final Due Diligence


InVent is a part of Intouch Group and a member of Innov8 Sparks, a network of technology startup support and funding initiatives founded by members of the Singtel Group.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is there any guideline for references on what should be included in the business plan?

While the pitching decks are also welcome, investment prospects with full business plan can check our suggested guideline on the contact page.

2. Will a company with an MVP but no revenue be eligible for InVent's consideration?

Unfortunately, pre-revenue companies are not within our investment area. InVent focuses on companies with either proven track record ready to expand to the new market or first revenues with outstanding growth rate looking to scale. However, an exception case of late-seed stage company is a possibility for founders with prior successful ventures history.

3. Will a company incorporated outside of Thailand be also eligible?

InVent's preferences will be given to companies operating in Thailand, regardless of the country of incorporation. We are also open to international companies that are looking to expand to Thailand and Southeast Asia market.

4. What are InVent's investment instruments?

InVent does both equity and convertible note financing, depending on the company's stage and country of incorporation.

5. What is InVent's typical investment size?

InVent has only a minimum amount requirement from $150,000. From the past deals we typically invested between $150,000 to $2,000,000 in each deal.

6. Is InVent a venture capital firm funded by Intouch?

No, InVent is a venture capital unit under Intouch Holdings PLC entity in Thailand. For more information, please visit www.intouchcompany.com.

7. Is InVent open to new partnership with other investors or non-investors?

Yes, InVent always welcome partnership opportunities which could add more value to all the stakeholders in Thailand startup ecosystem and Intouch Group. Innovators, investors, government agencies and private sectors are encouraged to contact us.

We also welcome co-investing with other investors for venture deals in Southeast Asia region. InVent can lead or follow an investment round depending on the needs and capacity.

8. How should I connect and submit my company information to InVent?

Interested applicants and partnership seekers can contact us at invent@intouchcompany.com. However, kindly note that for fundraising applicants priority will be given to those from referrals, and due to the number of applicants each year we may not be able to reply to every inquiry.

9. I am looking for a new job opportunity in a VC firm/VC-backed startups. Would InVent be interested?

At InVent we are always looking for highly motivated talents, mostly to support our portfolio companies and from time to time for our team. Due to the highly dynamic environment in which we operate, career opportunities arise on a regular basis. If you are interested in working with us or with one of our portfolio companies please contact us directly at invent@intouchcompany.com with your resume and cover letter.